Reactive training tools (electronic reactive mines) for enhancing the perception of hazards and prototyping scenarios.


Improve risk perception to prevent accidents in the first place – Current training equipment is static (cast plastic, weighted replicas) and provides no feedback should the hazard be disturbed or handled inappropriately during training. It is only after an accident involving a real mine, that deminers fully understand the true unpredictability and sensitivity of such hazards – and then too late.


Reactive training tools that imitate the form, weight, sensitivity and unpredictability of real mines and were reverse engineered from real decommissioned artifacts accessed through various NGOs and specialists.

The mines are designed to be integrated with metal detection training and used in groups of two or more mines. One mine is required to act as a beacon relaying wirelessly transmitted data from the buried mines to the deminer. When a buried mine is disturbed or falls out of range, the mine notifies the deminer through audible and visual feedback. The tools provide deminers with immediate feedback concerning their performance, motivating them to maintain/improve safe working practices.

Fully functional simulation mines with adjustable sensitivity have been developed with an illustrated booklet for use in training.

The prototypes pictured are 3D printed – This is a fabrication method used to quickly iterate prototypes, It is not intended to be the final method of production.