Advanced training through reactive simulation

Manual demining has formed the backbone of clearance opporations since efforts began in the 1970s.

The Problem

Current training equipment is static (plastic, weighted replicas) and provides no feedback should the hazard be disturbed or handled inappropriately during training. Whilst uncommon, accidents most frequently occur during the ground clearance phase of demining.

Our solution 

We are building reactive training tools that offer realtime feedback, the decives imitates the form, weight, sensitivity and unpredictability of real mines.

The devices are designed to be integrated into metal detection and ground clearance training. The tools provide deminers with feedback on their performance, prompting them to modify and their working practices.

The training devices can be used as stand alone units, or be connected to a smartphone for more detailed analysis of the interactions detected during a training session.


Sensitivity / behaviour customisation
Our devices have a degree of customisation which can be set via a smartphone. In order to allow specifications such as pressure, movement and impact sensitivity to be set in accordance to the specific devices the team will be searching for.

Modular casings
Fabricated using 3D printing, casings can be exchanged.