A hands on exhibition with a reactive minefield

For people who live in countries untouched by war, the threat of landmines and the problems they pose may seem intangible / difficult to comprehend.   Clearance is vital, not only to prevent injuries but to also allow communities to move freely.

We have designed experiences that can support meaningful dialog around the legacy of armed conflict. Modified versions of ordinance can be handled and will eventually ‘detonation’, Imagery of landmine victims and short stories provided a sense of realism and consequence to the interactions.

Reactive mines
Systems Map
VR Imagery


Picking up a reactive replicer is the starting point of the story. The aim is to offer an insight in to a conflict affected scenario involving the unexploded remnants of war, from the perspectives of both civilian and mine removal teams through a hands-on interactive environment.

We would like to people to consider, question and debate the ethical issues concerning the role of technolgy in warfare.

Supporting NGOs on Mine action day (4th of April)
NGOs intrested in utilising out hardware can get in touch.